March 5, 2014 Update

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the World Breast Cancer Organization Inc. and the World Conference on Breast Cancer Foundation, we would like to thank you, our sponsors, volunteers, donors, supports, partners, presenters, and conference attendees for your continued support of the charity and the six world conferences held from 1997-2011. We are proud of what we have all done together over the past decade.

Over the past year as an organization we have encountered numerous obstacles driven by a lack of human resources, which have affected our ability to deliver on our mission and vision of providing a unique opportunity for people globally to network, partner, and build on advancing global action to reduce and eliminate breast cancer. In light of this, after considerable deliberation, the decision has been made to dissolve both the organization and the charity.

After the dissolution is complete, all remaining assets will have been distributed to designated Canadian registered charities.

We will be forever grateful for your work, leadership, and commitment to supporting the World Breast Cancer Organization Inc. and the World Conference on Breast Cancer Foundation.


The World Breast Cancer Organization Inc. and the World Conference on Breast Cancer Foundation’s Board of Directors. 


About the Organization

The World Conference on Breast Cancer Foundation (WCBCF) is an incorporated organization, registered in Canada, dedicated to holding an international multi-disciplinary global conference on breast cancer every three years in Canada.

Why does the World Conference on Breast Cancer exist?

Each year more than one million women are diagnosed with breast cancer and approximately 400,000 die. Today there are close to four million women living with breast cancer on our planet. The conference provides a unique opportunity for women across the world to come together with a variety of people who are concerned about breast cancer to share common issues that impact on survival and quality of life, and to advance global action on breast cancer.

Whom does the World Conference on Breast Cancer serve and how?

First and foremost, the WCBCF serves women and men with breast cancer-those most affected by the disease-and the friends, family, and community networks that support them. The Foundation is aware that there are no simple answers or solutions to the global problem of breast cancer, and that no one person, organization or nation on its own can address every issue. Hence the conference creates opportunities to examine issues in all their variety and complexity, giving equal voice to the person affected by breast cancer, the clinician, the scientist, and the advocate. In this way, international knowledge is shared and enriched from a number of perspectives that broaden expertise, deepen sensitivity and respect, and accelerate progress in confronting breast cancer. 

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