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Credit Report

A credit report is a data which provides the details of all the trlansactions done over a period of time. Scanning credit reports have become really important with the cyber crime cases increasing and it’s also important because there are times some transactions are included which did not happen at all. It saves the customer to claim the money back.

These reports are also given by the credit bureaus to the lenders like banks, insurance corporations, Master Card corporations and other establishments who want to develop financial relations with the customer. The credit report decides on whether the person will be further taken into consideration or not.

The credit report act states that the person is entitled to get a free credit report annually, on request from the three prime credit bureaus namely Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. All these measures are taken to make sure the customer knows what is happening with their accounts and they can be aware of the fraud which might be happening with them. Considering the fact that the society is full of such frauds, its better to be safe and keep a check on the credit reports from time to time. Read more latest news at

To make the annual credit program easier, the credit bureaus mentioned above have made it easier for the customers by making a website, a toll free number and have made an address public from where anyone can obtain their credit report data. All these measures have been taken so that the customers do not have to run from pillar to post and get the work done. The relevant websites have been made where the customers can go and get their report. These companies have made it much easier for the people as it is just a click away. There is also an option to get the credit score along with the report. The reports can be ordered from the three different companies either on the same day, or different days depending upon the convenience of the customer.

But the customers who use the online way to get their credit reports should be cautious. There are companies who have made their websites very similar to the original ones. Their names are also similar which confuses the customers. The look-alike websites charge some amount for the services they provide. So it’s better to be cautious than to pay for something you can get for free. Checkout this website for more related information.

Credit ReportThe online credit report can be obtained instantly. But if the report is ordered through the toll free number or through mail, in that case the report reaches the customer in a minimum of fifteen days or more, depending on the volumes being processed by the credit bureaus. The free credit report can also be obtained for free if a corporation, after scanning your credit report has refused to engage with the customer. It can also be obtained if a person is unemployed and claims to need one in another sixty days and in a situation when there were errors in the report and the customer has proved it. 
Credit reports should be re-evaluated once received. Before applying for a new job, or insurance or maybe a new Credit Card for that matter, the credit report should be scanned and checked whether there is anything which may create a problem. The requirements are fulfilled by the credit report. Verifying the credit report can also avoid potential frauds and save the customer from identity theft. If anything of that sort comes in light, the theft should be reported before it gives the customer a ‘bad credit’

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